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Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.22 at 20:44

(I haven't finished this! I'll be back!)


Yet Another Post...

Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.16 at 20:43
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I'm back again, nobody reads this and I bet you it'll only last a few more weeks before i give up entirely. But on with the show!

I don't know how this stroy is going to come about, all of the other ones are allreayd written, vetted, editied and re read before I post. This one is just going to ramble out, ideas pour from my mind onto my hands and find the right keys to make a story. So yeah, enjoy and freely critisice this one to Hades!

This Story Seriosly sucks! Beware!Collapse )


And again...

Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.09 at 20:43
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Me again!

Last one!

This is the longest and most crappiest thriller I have written. The finished one is upstairs with all the simple plot turns and what nots. (And a sex scene! Don't I rock? *hay ball*) 

James Miller, average Joe in a messed up world. I mainly like the begining to this as I can see it on film more some reason (or I have an over active imagination :p)



Sad Thriller. It sucks...Collapse )


A Modern Story...

Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.09 at 20:37
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Hello again *hay ball* Yeah...

I may as well say something about this encase the odd person drops by in a worried panic. Very short, simplistic begining to many genres out there. I do have a version where the heroine is taken away by the government and locked up. Sci-fi (Doctor Who meets Buffy...) But It just seemed to fake. I'm thinking of making it a thriller. I'll have to think on what to do. Enjoy. 


Jetta...Collapse )



Me again!

Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.05 at 23:52
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Ok, so this is another story. I like it, again as i begining, but I just never got to getting anywhere, I love the names in this story too. http://www.babynames.com/ is grand for picking up Earthly names (Not so good if you're looking for out of this world names, but have a go!) So yeah. Enjoy and what not. 
Critism welcome!! >.<

Vampire Story...It sucks, but never mind...Collapse )


Story I never got to finish...

Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.05 at 23:13
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Yeah, it was a good opener, been reading Anne Rice and reading far too many other first person books too. So I took my hand at it. I like the begining, but then everything got predictable and I let it gather dust. I last touched this on the 2nd of Febuary 2005...Open to any suggestions...

Vampire Story New York...Collapse )


Getting the ball rolling...

Posted by darth_louis on 2006.03.31 at 21:37
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Well, here is something I wrote back in Febuary, and I thought I might post it here, just to 'get the ball rolling' 

Love you always...Collapse )

-Peace, love and soppy rubbish-