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A Modern Story...

Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.09 at 20:37
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Hello again *hay ball* Yeah...

I may as well say something about this encase the odd person drops by in a worried panic. Very short, simplistic begining to many genres out there. I do have a version where the heroine is taken away by the government and locked up. Sci-fi (Doctor Who meets Buffy...) But It just seemed to fake. I'm thinking of making it a thriller. I'll have to think on what to do. Enjoy. 


Her hands found their way into a small tatter of silky black hair, to which they nervously began to run through. Pulling strand by strand downwards, following her eye line as she sat there at the bus stop. It was a wispy Halloween, a dull sodden smell rose about the place as the last of the rain fell. She could see what seemed to be “yobs” holding a tray of eggs and what looked like half of a guy for bonfire night. But her heart rose as she saw four little children dressed up, their faces smeared in different colours of reds, greens and blacks. Hats sat upon their heads, bags bursting at the seams with sweets and little capes for their scrawny bodies.

     She blew into her frozen hands, making them feel for about three seconds before they numbed over into frozen block. She wanted to wear her thick coat today, a warm black thing that made her look three sizes bigger, but she didn’t care; it was warm. But she had decided for a small black jacket and a racy pink top that flashed her pierced navel. She had small round green eyes to match her small rounded face and pale soft skin with many Goosebumps developing on it.

     Her name was Jetta.

     She worked in a small clothes retail shop owned by her aunt’s friend. It sold clothes that were rather odd and bizarre and usually got sold to the local College and theatre for plays and performances. They had various items, like Elizabethan corsets to silver skin tight space suits with red stripes. But they also sold tops like the one she was wearing. Quite racy and something that wouldn’t be worn normally, even in modern times like now.

     Jetta sighed heavily, She had been sat there for half an hour, the timetable promising her a train about twenty minutes ago. She heaved herself off of the plastic seat, zipped her coat up as far as it would go and began to walk, her head down and hands stuffed in pockets. She'd just got to the end of the platform when she heard the wonderful screeches of the train coming round the corner. Turning on her heel she marched back to the yellow line on the edge of the platform and waited.
    Finally the lights popped out of the tunnel and the trian came to a stop. Just as Jetta was getting on she saw a man stading at the end of the platform. He was tapping his watch, looking directly into it and lifting it to his ear.Jetta shook her head and heaved herself onto the train carrige. There were only two carriges, one was empty and smelt awful and the other had a couple of people on it. She decided to go with the one with people in.
    Jetta got herself comfortable and settled for the half an hour train ride home. She allways forgot her Mp3 player. she knew exactly where it was at home but that was no good to her now. Her phone had died an hour ago after being abused while waiting for the train. So she just looked out into the thick black, she could see orange twinkling from various street lights in the distance but that was pretty much it, the train journey cut across alot of dense coutry side, no towns or cities, just fields and hills. She then looked to her train companions; there were two men, sat next to eachother ahead of Jetta. They appeared to have hooded tops on and the hoods pulled down over thier heads. Across from them and down from Jetta was a bonde haired woman.The two women shared a smile, curtious smile with each other and then looked away, drifting into thier own thoughts.
    Just as Jetta was getting comfortable in her thoughts the train rocked and the lights flickered, she startled herself back just as the train dived into a tunnel and the lights flickered off. Jetta sat still, her mind diving everywhere, straining to hear anything, desprate to call out to anyone but to scared too.Then she heard whooshing sounds and whispers. Deep, painful whispers. Someone was right next to her ear whispering these dark, painful things into her ears. Jetta gripped the train seat with both her hands, digging her nails into the foam of the seat, squishing her eyes shut and praying. Her toes curled tight as the whispers stopped and she felt a cold, slimy tongue roll down her face, from her temple to her chin, then a sharp painful nip at her shoulder before the lights flickered on and off and she came face to face with the man in a hooded top, his face was contorted, long and stretched. He had thousands of sharp teeth and his eyes are black, deathly black.
    A scream scaped from Jetta's lungs and the hooded man growled, knowing he'd been seen. Just as his mouth opened wide, ready to finish her off he was thrown from Jetta's seat, down to the other end of the carrige into he other hooded man who was covering the blonde woman. Both men growled as they stood back up, they were looking right down the carriage, past Jetta, to another man. The man who had been tapping his watch earlier.
    The hooded men snarled once more before smashing the glass of the train window and jumping out. Jetta was still grasping the seat, she looked out to the woman with the blonde hair, it was now streakedwith read and she had droplets of blood on her face too. Her eyes were glassy and none responsive, her mouth slightly parted and alittle sad.


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