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Yet Another Post...

Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.16 at 20:43
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I'm back again, nobody reads this and I bet you it'll only last a few more weeks before i give up entirely. But on with the show!

I don't know how this stroy is going to come about, all of the other ones are allreayd written, vetted, editied and re read before I post. This one is just going to ramble out, ideas pour from my mind onto my hands and find the right keys to make a story. So yeah, enjoy and freely critisice this one to Hades!

    "Are you listening to me?" I jerked my head back from the cold smooth glass of the window and looked at Beckki, a stern look upon her face. He hands her balled into fists and placed angrily onto her hips, her lips pursed and her eyebrows furrowed to white. 
    I looked down to the text book infront of me, physics, I think, or Phscology, sometihng begining with a Ph. I wasn't even learning this, I was helping Beckki practise a speech for her final marks. I couldn't care less about the Ph lesson. And obviosly someone half asleep in the middle of her talk isn't a good sign. 
     "Ben, you said you'd help." I twitched my mouth and then stretched out. Beckki's room wasn't enormous but compared to my hovel it was a palace of cleanliness. The walls were a pale sky blue and the ceiling was fresh white. The floor were well cleaned wood boards and all the wooden furniture matched. 
     "I know, I'm just feeling tired." True, a symptom caused by not sleeping for two days. But I've gone longer. "I'm ready though, fire away." I realised a second later I was meant to be listening not wanting to answer questions. "oh, I mean continue." I sighed. Beckki came over and slammed the book on me, making me jump a little. 
    "Go home Ben, get some sleep will ya'." She began to pack things away. I'd known Beckki for almost eight years. We're nineteen now and I met her first year in secondary school, she'd been organised and plain then too. I'd been hyperactive and stupid, nothing much has changed. 
     I hugged her a quick "goodbye" and then made for the door, quick walking my way out of her dormitory building and stright onto a bus to town. I was earlier than I'd anticipated to get home, but I hadn't exactly been in listening mode and if I were Beckki I would have got rid of me too. Finding my way to my crappy, small assed slat I collapsed onto my dog eared sofa and sat thinking. 

AhhH! It sucks, but I need to write something once in a while to keep this mind happy. Stories and art are my drugs! Dear God. Is anybody listening? I could spill my entire thoughts here and no one would read it!

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