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Me again!

Posted by tyney123 on 2006.05.05 at 23:52
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Ok, so this is another story. I like it, again as i begining, but I just never got to getting anywhere, I love the names in this story too. http://www.babynames.com/ is grand for picking up Earthly names (Not so good if you're looking for out of this world names, but have a go!) So yeah. Enjoy and what not. 
Critism welcome!! >.<

Her little feet patted upon the cold stone slabs, she was within the manor grounds but they seemed to go on forever. She was eighteen now, her slender, freckled body was shining out in the moon light. Her figure was hidden behind a homemade dress made from potato sacks and any other scraps of material she could lay her hands upon.

    Braewyn was out so late because that is when she could go and see the light bugs dance upon the manor ponds. She often wandered about the grounds at night, looking at the graceful trees drooping down and swaying in the wind. She would follow the squirrels running to their bed and watch the snails move slowly across the paths. She loved it because she felt like she owned Oaken Manor. It was her world and she loved to watch it grow.

    “Morning is soon,” She whispered to a rose. “I must retire to my sack and catch some sleep.” Her words were sorrowful; she was upside down on a stone bench that rounded its way around the rose bushes. Her thick brown hair was flowing down off the bench. She looked up to the pink rose, opened and sweet smelling. “The lord will kill me if he was to find me out of my “bed”” She joked to herself. Just as she said this there was a crunch of a branch. Braewyn stopped dead, she looked around and her hazel eyes picked up on two figures.

    “Come, the roses smell so sweetly,” Her lips dried up and her breathing was heavy. The lord of the manor! She quickly rolled off the bench and into the bushes scarring her skin everywhere. Snagging at her dress, she then dropped down on to the mud floor and crawled to a thicket of thorns.

    “Oh my they do,” A blonde haired woman said bending over to smell the roses. She was so beautiful Braewyn thought. She had red lips, blue sparkling eyes and she wore a beautiful floor length red dress with a scarlet corset. “So these lands belong to you?” She asked lightly placing her self upon the bench.

    “Everything you see, I own.” The lord came forward; he was pale with grey eyes that danced with the moon light. He wore his usual attire of black and blue. Like a stunning bruise. “Now, let me see you.” The lord smiled and took her hand. The young woman laughed, she was stopped by a sudden rush as her neck was kissed. She flickered her eyes and groaned softly.

    The woman then opened her eyes, wider than Braewyn had ever seen. She saw the young eyes peering at her and went to scream but she then fell limp. The lord dropped the body and lapped up the blood on his lips. This is when Braewyn saw them, sharp, long teeth than stretched down with blood on them. Braewyn staggered back and looked about for a weapon of some sort.

    “Drop it,” She screamed as the lord was behind her. He swooped down and covered her mouth. Braewyn made some feeble whacks with the stick and on her third blow it snapped. “You’re from my slaves aren’t you?” He asked her, Braewyn had stopped breathing fast and was now calm. The lord was squatting next to her, looking down on the young girl.

    “I am m-my lord” She stuttered as he unclasped his hand from her mouth.

    “And what do you now know of me?”

    “I kn-know that you are from the bowels of h-hell.” Braewyn stammered painfully.

    “And how do you know such things?”

    “Your wife,” Braewyn said a little less afraid. “My Lord. When she was ill I was sent to take care of her during the nights and she read to me. I know everything there is about the evils of this world.” The man gave a bark of laughter at her, and Braewyn saw the small fangs again, her body tensing slightly. “And I know how to kill you!” Braewyn lunged at him with her broken twig, hoping it would suffice for a stake. But the Lord was far too quick for her and pinned Braewyn down before she could even get close to him. He held her throat tightly and the girl choked painfully, gasping for any air possible. She clawed at him, drawing blood only for the scratches to heal. Then Braewyn kicked back at him, her foot making contact with his lower stomach causing the man to drop her and cough slightly, holding back pain.

    “You’re going t pay for that human!” He lunged back at her but Braewyn yelled something in a very old tongue. He froze still. Anger splitting right across his face. “Where did you learn that girl?!” he demanded.

    “Your wife trusted those words onto me before she died. If ever I met one of you I was to utter them.” Braewyn trailed off and a small smile cracked along the man’s face.

    “And obviously you didn’t take any care into the fine print?” He asked in a bark of laughter. Braewyn went pink but stood her ground.

    “So what does it mean?” Braewyn asked a quiver on her frail voice.

    “That I am to take you in, I am not to touch a single hair upon you nor take a drop of blood from you. But in return you are to be a slave to me and learn of the vampiric ways.”

    “Well I already know a lot and I’m already a slave anyway, so I guess we can cut that right out.” Braewyn reasoned with him. But from that smile on his face she guessed otherwise.

    “Tell me of your name slave.”

    “Braewyn.” She said proud.

    “Ah, Braewyn, Gaelic for brown I believe. Ah and matching hair too.” He took a lock up in his long fingers, she glared at him.

    “Lord Delano, Gaelic for dark. A matching personality too.” Delano smiled at her.

    “I can see this is going to work.”

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